Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pumpkin Soup &Crab Bisque

Pumpkin Soup
Crab Bisque
There you go my pumpkin soup looks good doesnt it.
it was quite runny but very flavourfull as Chef Andreas said.
eventhough it was a tad runny. he would still eat the whole thing.
presentation is quite cool tho.
unfortunately i didnt take a picture of the Crab Bisque.
because that was a complete ugly dish. no flare to the look of the dish so i didnt bother.
and to update my last wednesday i didnt upload a photo because i was quite dissapointed with the produce we got to turn into edible product.

The Photo below is when i was flambeing the crab shells
for the crab bisque

but never its always about making the best out of something.
and its the best we could for the
pan fried salmon with a cream sauce

the biggest block of butter ive ever seen an jeezus that is big thats like 5kg of butter i think or more. and the chef said. thats how they do it in the industry. LOL
we had a chef today who used to cook for the Queen of England and he cooked for The Late Lady Diana's wedding. my hat is off to that man. sounds like one of the greater Chefs i will meet in my lifetime.
till the next time
Chef Evans Q.

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  1. Chef Evans ... I am squarely a follower of not only your blog but your culinary career path. I expect nothing short of 'big happenings' down the road. I would love to receive recipes that you think I (a lowly BC wannabe) can muster. Even the names of the dishes sound scary now, believe it or not. Have a great Sunday ... love to the LCB Diners, are you folks keeping our dining tradition alive?