Monday, June 29, 2009

Poussin en Cocotte A l'Estaragon w/ Pommes William

Poussin en Cocotte A l'Estragon
Pommes William

simple nice dish. chicken with tarragon and william potatoes.
very nice and homely dish. i can just imagine this in france with family members over for dinner. grand mother at the stove. kids running around. parents talking over wine.
not so much the william potatoes but the chicken with tarragon.
chicken was simeple enough nothing too complicated. but the potatoes were something.
notice the shape. can u guess what its meant to resemble.

hopefully u guessed pears because thats what its meant to be...
simply put its mashed potatoes that are moulded and then deep fried till its nice and golden brown.
and this week will mark the end of basic cuisine. will miss the people that are leaving us physically but not in communication wise. i could not have asked for a better team. the people on my bench are like the best team members ive got. and hopefully it will be that way till superior when we work the restaurant.
anyways i gtg

Chef Evans Q.

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