Tuesday, June 23, 2009

good news ahoy!!!!!!

i passed my basic cuisine today. and it was quite awsome. i mean its only basic but the exams are annoying because well they are exams and who does like exams.
well at the end of next week. we bid farewell to one of our classmates Raymond Tang.
great guy. never met a man who is so healthy at his age. doing 6 days a week. even i can barely stand 3 at the moment. my chefs hat is off to this guy. but yeah. we will all miss you im sure.
anyways tomorrow is another day of class. but tonight is a time to relax and celebrate.
so for today thats all folks.

Chef Evans Q.

have a fun time back in KL will talk to u soon


  1. Evans, thanks for your kind words. I have one minor correction, this is not farewell between us, as I fully expect our friendship to carry on ... all the way to your chef stardom. With your talent, style & commitment there is no question you will get 'there' one day, and soon. I know you will, and look forward to stay in tiouch with your success stories every step along the way, not to mention the eating opportunities we shall share be it in KL, HK or wherever you end up as an accomplished chef. Upward & Forward, young man ... you are good!

  2. of course we will keep in touch raymond. its only a goodbye between us in the class. as you wont be joining us for intermediate and superior. and the rest of the 2 years for some people.