Monday, June 15, 2009

Pasta with Tomato & Basil Sauce.| Breast of Guinea Fowl w Leeks and Musrooms

Pate a Nouilles Sauce Nicoise
Supreme de Pintade aux Fruits des bois

Thats the Pasta with Tomato&Basil sauce
handmade pasta which is quite easy and the sauce was nice and delicate. but it was still quite good.
nice easy meal but that is a portion of an entree so not much to it.
i would love to make it again. Lovely little dish.

Supreme de Pintade aux Fruits des bois.
ahhhh. breast of guinea fowl with leek and mushrooms.
really interesting little dish because well theres not much to the whole guinea fowl
best part is the breast . but its an interesting little dish. no sauce just guinea fowl and mushrooms and leeks.
took all the 20 minutes to cook this. not as long as one would think. but the guinea fowl has a breast the thickness of1.5cm.
and chef was right by saying one minute its undercooked. one minute its just nice. another half a minute its over cooked. it just changes too quick to be slow in the kitchen.

major update of pictures from my last weeks class. forgot to upload the pictures but ah well its here the 1st one is veal cutlet
and the second one is turnedos of beef with potatoes parisienne and buttered snap peas.

well over all all those dishes were good. as chef said.
exams are upon us in LCB. next week. doomsday.

menu for the exam is
Beef Conssome
Rack of Lamb w parsley crust
and some turned vegetables. praying that its gonna be good. gotta practise them asap.
Till tomorrow. Adieu

Chef Evans Q.

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