Monday, June 22, 2009


quite happy with my exam today. no pictures unfortunately.
had to wake up at 5am so i could get the 5.50am bus so i could get to uni and relax before my exam started. had a coffee. and went in. and bang
everything was a GO!
Beef consomme was quite good. clear. no fat. good flavor. good colour.
lamb was good colour. carrots and turnips were an ok size. potatoes were just a little too small under the chateau size. but it was ok nevertheless. i had a good comment from my chef today that made my day all the more worth it. he said. that if he was still in the industry with a restaurant he would hire me tomorrow. so yeah. i mean hopefully i will be poached from basic. but oh what high hope i have for myself. im not gonna get them too high because i dont want to set the bar too high for myself. im just gonna take what comes. but im hoping for the best aswell. theory exam tomorrow. gonna be very hectic eventho i studied. somethings just cant be taught.
theory is at 9.30tmr so ive gotta be there early to relax once again then i have normal class. which is going to be a pain in the ass because i am going to be so freaking tired after class. gonna need a nice frosty beer.
Chef Evans Q.

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