Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Supreme de Volaille Chirvy & Cheese Souffle

fist up today is the cheese souffle and it was kinda ok even for my first time making a souffle. i was quite impressed cos it turned out like the chefs. and im posting my pictures in the order of service. the deadlines were very strict today but i managed to get them both as and when it was meant to be served.

Supreme de Volaille Chirvy
a quite interesting chicken dish
but quite confusing because again it was the first time i am doing a dish like this. sauce was nice mushrooms were cooked. onions were nice soft and sweet. chicken was barely overcooked. hence it started to sort of dry out.
we had to stuff the chicken breast with chicken mousseline. and it was a tedious task. but it was tasty nevertheless. you can be the judge of my dishes.

no more posts unfortunately till next monday.
signing out
Chef Evans Q.

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