Saturday, May 16, 2009

late start to blogging my journey

it is quite late to start blogging my journey here at LCB Sydney.
where the people are great the friends are fantastic. no matter the age, race, background everyone is still nice. ive got some wonderful chefs at LCB that guide me and my classmates to do well.
well in the last 3 weeks of basic cuisine we have made stocks,chateau potatoes, eggplant and tomato stew, quiche lorraine, pissaladiere, pate feuilletee, mushroom chaussons poached pears.
and then it was a massive jump from the sort of simple stuff to slightly more intensive stuff.which is Girlled Baby Octopus with Baby Spinach and Black Olive Salad with Lemon Vinigarette and on that same day we did calfs liver and bacon with buttered spinach and french fried onions. mind you that was all in 4 HOURS.
it was pretty much a two course class.and that was just last week. in that same week we did Rack of Lamb with a Parsley crust and Ratatouille Provinciale.
next up was the Chicken Saute Chasseur with Rice Pilaff which wasnt so hard.
that prety much sums up the stuff we did on the first 3 weeks.
and like ive said ive made friends that i dont think i will ever want to loose.
Raymond, Esther, Grace, Felix, Git(hope i didnt spell ur name wrong), Scott, Andre, Pablo and the rest of the class

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