Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jarrets d'Agneau Braises au Vin Rouge & Risotto

the dish was called Galantine de Caneton. and its pretty much forcemeat duck.
and i get to sample it tomorrow. so its gonna be cool.
thats the skin of a duck a whole freaking duck. it was for a classic french dish shown by my chef.
the honourable Chef Steve Belcher.
he skinned the whole duck in like 15 mins. and it was slightly messy. but hopefully i wont have to do that dish for a long time

My Jarrets d'Agneau Braises au Vin Rouge & Risotto and Haricots Verts au Beurre and Glacees Carottes.

it took me 2 and a half hours to cook that shank. and oh boy was it worth it.
this is pretty much what the chef said. "very well cooked lamb. nice and soft. carrots are nice and soft. risotto nice and flavoursome. not gluggy(soggy). well cooked beans. a good sauce no fat in the sauce. very well done."
i was quite pleased with myself. the carrots just melted in your mouth.
ahhhh. boy was i happy.

tomorrow Supreme de Volaille Chivry and Souffle au Fromage
hope u guys like what you see and what you hear.

Chef Evans Q.

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