Thursday, October 22, 2009

long time no updates

Long Time No Update. BUSY BUSY BUSY.
Superior has been quite daunting.
It has brought quite a few new things into my life. like the restaurant. different timeframes. different skills required to keep the pace. improved tastes.
i will leave you with some pictures of superior cuisine food. enjoy

i thought the presentation for this dish was rather nice. for a first attempt.
it can only get better.
Chef Evans


  1. Well done Chef! I am back, after 4 weeks in the Mediterranean and Turkey, your superior stuff look so professional, they must taste good too. Send my best to everyone, will you? When do you all graduate? Raymond

  2. wow thats great Raymond. I like the way we have more time to think of ways to present. and be creative. the dishes are more fiddly. but really yummy. when are u coming to SYD again???? i will. well i graduate in 2011 but theres a superior graduation next year i think