Monday, November 2, 2009


Im sorry Grandpa. Im so sorry i cant be home.
i miss you so much. i dont want you to leave.
please watch over us.
i love you so much.
Rest In Peace Grandpa
i miss you so much.
i wish i could be home. grandma told me not to come back. im so sorry


  1. Evans ... I am so very sorry to hear of your Grandpa's passing. It is always hard to have ones closest leaving this world. One can only take comfort in the fact that he is now at a place where there is eternal peace, where he can truly rest. With my deepest condolences ... Raymond

  2. thanks raymond. time heals wounds. on a good note we are in the midst of exams for the finishing of superior cuiine. it has been a truly wonderfull journey. i wish u continued with us. u would have loved the stuff we are doing now adays and the restaurant service is one to definately be in