Saturday, August 1, 2009

Week 2 @ LCB.

hello hello once again its time for the weekly update.
this past week we have done some nice dishes but unfortunately i had a set back with one of my dishes. and now time for the names and the pictures.
monday. Creamy Garlic Soup.
Braised Rabbit

Tuesday. Lobster Americane with Pilaf rice ( which i screwed up so no pics)
Smoked Salmon Rillets

Wednesday.Club Sandwich and Canapes.

Creamy Garlic Soup

Braised Rabbit
Smoked Salmon Rillets
Lobster Americane w/ Rice Pilaff
just realised that i dont have any photos for the canapes. but i do have photos of my pizza heston blumenthal sytle

one is a tomato & basil pizza. everything is home made including the pasta sauce. except the cheese and basil. lol
the other is a prawn and garlic pizza
ahhhhhh those were tasters made in heaven

Signing out
Chef Evans Q.


  1. Prawn & Garlic pizza!!!! You must give me the recipe, I can smell and taste it all the way from here. Looks perfect Chef Evans!

  2. look so hungry now.. i wanna