Sunday, August 16, 2009


Sorry for the late post. ive been quite occupied with classwork. umm yeah last weeks menu was quite enjoyable even the 3 course menu we had.surprisingly the crepes were easier than i thought. To all visitors to my blog thanks for visiting. The menu for the week was

Mignons of Venison with Cherry Sauce
Tulip Baskets with Lemon Cream
i undercooked my venison. and im not going to give excuses. so i didnt put it up
the tulip baskets were quite nice and might i add. pretty enjoyable. yummy too. but very fattening. these baskets are very delicate and they crumble very easily

next menu was a menu i quite enjoyed. simple yes fantastic

Grilled Chicken & Risotto
Savarin with Strawberries

Three Course menu to end the week. but with a little teamwork. it became quite easy. allll yummy yummy food.

Tian of Roast Tomatoes with Glazed Onions
Poached Veal Fillet
Raspberry Crepes with Mint Sabayon

Today we have Steak Tartare. hopefully that turns out alright. very dangerous dish there as alot of chefs would know. Hope all my readers are in good health. thanks for visiting. hope you enhoy. if anybody wants to leave a comment please feel free to. would appreciate a shoutout as well with names and stuff.

Chef Evans Q.

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