Friday, July 24, 2009

The First Week Of Intermediate

quite an interesting week. getting back into the full swing of the kitchen again. and building up the pace towards our 3 courses.
ive been pestered by many to update my blog. so i shall update. been wuite busy with the class times starting from 3.30 to 10pm at night which means i get home at around 11.30.
then gotta get my uniform on the wash straight away.
well here are the photos for this week.
Spatchcock with Seasonal veg.

Guinea Fowl with olives
Pea Soup Saint Germain Style

Duck Breast With Onion Confit and Wilted Spinach
Mussle Turnovers With A Garlic Cream Sauce
-i got best in class for that one according to the chef but the filling was a little dissapointing.cos there wasnt enough sauce. thats all we had for that week. hope u all enjoy this post

Chef Evans Q.

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  1. WOW .... the pictures bring tears to my eyes as I miss the swing of the kitchen so very much. I need to get some 'worth-noting' Intermediate recipes from you folks. All I can do now is to salivate, and keep practising what I learned from Basic which must sound like kindergarten stuff to you now. I am so envious and so very proud of you, carry on young Chef! Raymond